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a picture of a smiling blonde woman called Careena Fenton who is reading tarot at The Sky Garden in London. She is reading tarot for two women.

Who is The Wedding Witch?


I'm Careena, and I'm The Wedding Witch! I create unforgettable wedding experiences with Tarot and Magic!

I have been intrigued by the tarot and the world of magic since a young age,

giving readings is my absolute passion. I have been reading the tarot for 30 years and use my sense of intuition and the cards' meanings to provide a fun yet astonishingly accurate readings. I consider myself to be a spiritual person and I strongly believe in equality and treat everyone equally regardless of race, sexuality or gender. These values are an essential part of my spirituality and are integral to how I practice my faith. I belong to The Magic Circle, the most famous magic society in the world and am a member of Equity, the British actors Union. I am also a member of Psycrets, the British Society of Mystery Entertainers. I am researching for a PhD in Witchcraft and Victorian Spiritualism and am an avid reader of ghost stories. As a tarot reader and magician, I bring unique skills that can add a touch of inspiration, magic, and joy to your wedding day.

a round blue logo displaying an inner circle with symbols of the zodiac. This is the logo of The Magic Circle, the exclusive members club for magicians in London.
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